What is PromoPix?

Show your customers’ fridges the respect they deserve and give your customers something they’ll love with PromoPix by MagnaPix – eight customisable fridge magnets, featuring your logo. Due to their constant visibility, fridge magnets are brilliant for brand recognition and awareness. PromoPix is the ultimate combo: a marketing tool for brand identity plus a gift for your customers, it combines digital media and promotional merchandise into one service.

How it Works

Imagine your logo poking someone in the eye every time they reach into their fridge – that’s what PromoPix does.

  • Your customers receive a link to your custom PromoPix webpage via a gift card or website link.
  • They upload seven of their own images, with one additional image being your logo if you like.
  • 3-7 working days later, they receive their eight 68mm x 68mm photo fridge magnets, each featuring your logo, in a branded sleeve.

What PromoPix offers you

You’ll receive: •    A personalised campaign, with a custom subdomain and webpage made by us, which means there’s low effort on your part. •    Branded gift cards for easy distribution – either a physical, custom-printed card, or an unique web link that can be easily shared via social media or email. •    Branded packaging – the magnets’ sleeve can also feature your logo.



These fridge magnets aren’t like other magnets because they’re designed with your customers in mind. They choose their images. They receive them delivered free to their door and enjoy them on there fridge.


In return, you’ll enjoy customers highly engaged in your brand from the start to the end of the simple process; your logo in your target audience’s houses; and a marketing tool that will be attractive to a wide range of customers.